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An evacuee visits Inglefield House

October 23rd, 2015

An evacuee visits Inglefield HouseOn Tuesday Madeleine’s grandmother came to Inglefield and talked to Year 6. Mrs Bainbridge was evacuated in World War 2 which makes her extra-special.

She told us about what it had been like at the time. Children were evacuated to different locations, according to which school they were at. Everybody at Mrs Bainbridge’s school was evacuated to County Durham. Whilst they were there they enjoyed activities such as playing in the nearby stream and picking fruit.

Year 6 are currently focusing on World War 2 in History and English. Everybody learned lots of things they didn’t know before and thoroughly enjoyed the talk. A big thank you to Mrs Bainbridge for taking the time to visit us and giving us a glimpse in to what life in World War 2 was like.

By Amelia (Editor), Year 6

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