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A star trophy shoots into Inglefield

January 19th, 2016

Star TrophyAt the end of last term a brand new trophy was awarded to one lucky girl at the end of term assembly. The coveted Star Trophy is to be presented, at the end of every term, to the girl who has earned the most stars throughout that term.

At the end of the Michaelmas Term the trophy was awarded to Aneshka in Year 5. Aneshka tried exceptionally hard in all her subjects and her hard work paid off in the end with a grand total of 132 stars. We caught up with Mrs Phillips to find out her thoughts about the hottest new trophy on the block. “I think the Star trophy provides excellent motivation because stars can be awarded for anything, not simply academic work. I like the way it can be won each term, therefore giving more girls the chance to win it. With the star charts in the pupil planners, it is very easy to check progress and record stars, so girls know just where they are. It’s also important to remember that all stars count towards the House totals throughout the whole school so Inglefield can see the effect their stars have on the House totals at the end of the year, “ the Headmistress said.

By Aneshka & Lottie, Year 5

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