Former pupil Marina Diamandis announces new book of original poetry

April 4, 2024

Marina Diamandis | Press shot 

Haberdashers’ Monmouth School for Girls alumnae, singer-songwriter, Marina Diamandis, has shared details of a forthcoming book of poetry.

“Very excited for you all to hold this in your hands,” she wrote in her Instagram caption, announcing the book.

“Writing this book over the course of a year was a magical, playfully dark process that freed me in ways I couldn’t have anticipated. I am *of course* slightly terrified at putting the contents of my brain and life out there. But I’m equally excited for it to be out in the world. This book is so precious to me.”

According to the Rolling Stone, the “book intertwines Diamandis’ musings with gorgeous artwork as the singer explores her experiences with dating, reflects on some dark moments in her life, and examines her early career and her “Marina and the Diamonds” days with compassion”

Speaking ahead of the book release, Diamandis said: “There’s stuff that still feels slightly embarrassing to me, but it’s because I am exposing a genuine part of myself that maybe isn’t as glam and glitzy as I would like to portray.”

“But I think that’s a healthy thing. That’s freedom to me: being able to show up as yourself and being OK with it.”

Marina, who was born in Brynmawr and raised in Abergavenny, is a certified platinum, Ivor Novello Award-nominated singer-songwriter, releasing five acclaimed albums. Previously singing under the title ‘Marina and the Diamonds’, she has built a global fan base and many of her songs are currently huge viral hits on TikTok.

As a child, Marina attended Haberdashers’ Monmouth School for Girls. Reflecting on the experience, she said: “I sort of found my talent there…I had an incredible music teacher who managed to convince me I could do anything.”

Eat the World by Marina Diamandis is set to be published on October 29 via Penguin Random House. You can pre-order the book here.