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Five-year-olds campaign to save historic oak tree

October 18th, 2016

A passionate bunch of five-year-old eco-warriors has led a successful campaign to save a beloved oak tree at their school from being chopped down.

Kind-hearted children at Agincourt School and Nursery in Monmouth were horrified to find a note penned by Olivia the tree, in which she told them the ‘council’ was going to cut her down.

olivia5This was followed by a raft of letters from concerned forest creatures who live in her branches, explaining to the pupils why it was so important to fight for their home.

So, in line with their ‘Walk in the Woods’ topic this term, fearless Year 1 classes set about making video messages, sandwich boards and banners to spread their message and save Olivia.

Mrs Kath Franklin, Year 1 teacher, said: “The children thoroughly embraced the whole thing – it was so real to them.

“The story about the council is a total work of fiction but we had parents coming in, asking what they could do to help save the tree.

“My class made video messages with such brilliant reasons not to chop her down.”

Through the story, the pupils learnt all about why trees are vital to the planet.

Year 1 teacher Mrs Alex Lewis, who came up with the idea, said: “Running the campaign taught the children about having responsibility for their environment and how important it is not to take things for granted.

“They learnt that a world without trees would be a very sorry place; that trees give us clean air and that without them, everyone’s lives would be effected.”

Olivia grew from an acorn brought to Monmouth from the site of the Battle of Agincourt around 150 years ago.

Darcey, five, said: “We made our video message to the council to give the animals a voice.

“Olivia is very old and lots of baby animals live in her.

“They would have to find a new home if she got chopped down.”

And Delilah, also five, added: “We need Olivia for clean oxygen to breathe. We were really, really happy when we won the campaign!”

Five-year-old Herbie knows exactly what he and his friends will do next time a tree comes under threat.

He said: “We would get the whole world involved with our video messages and all the people everywhere would help to save the tree.”


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