Dragon Songs music project unites local schools in spectacular performance

April 3, 2024


Image credit: Des Pugh

Towards the end of last term, the Blake Theatre was filled with musical magic as students from three local primary schools joined forces with Haberdashers’ Monmouth Prep School for a mesmerising performance of “Dragon Songs”. Inspired by the enchanting tale of ‘The Boy Who Grew Dragons’ by Andy Shepherd, with music composed by Joanna Lee, the performance was a testament to the power of collaboration and shared passion for music amongst the schools.

Under the guidance of Mr. J. Walton, Music Co-ordinator at Monmouth Prep School, choirs from Osbaston Church in Wales School, Kymin View Primary School, Overmonnow Primary School and musicians from Monmouth Comprehensive School and Haberdashers’ Monmouth School, joined Monmouth Prep School and rehearsed together for eight weeks on Friday afternoons.

Richard Davies, deputy head of Overmonnow Primary, shared his admiration for the event, saying, “What a fantastic performance tonight at The Blake Theatre for The Dragon Songs Music Project! A huge diolch to all involved in organising this programme and event.”

One particular highlight of the evening was the performance of ‘Dragon Fruit Dragon,’ a song that really captured the children’s musical imagination. Listen to the live recording below:

In addition to the musical rehearsals, the event provided an opportunity for pupils from schools across Monmouthshire to connect, sharing a delicious meal together before the show, celebrating the end to eight weeks of fantastic rehearsals.

Image credit: Des Pugh

Reflecting on the success of the Dragon Songs project, Mr. J. Walton expressed his pride in the students’ achievements, stating, “It was so lovely for all children to be able to connect through the power of performing and singing together. Bringing the four junior schools of the town together in this manner helps us to offer a rich and meaningful cultural opportunity to local children, to foster friendships and break down barriers. We were very grateful to talented senior school students from both Haberdashers’ Monmouth School and Monmouth Comprehensive School who enriched the concert with fantastic solo items, showing our young people what is possible if they dedicate time and energy to their music making’.

The Dragon Songs project not only showcased the musical talents of Monmouth’s young performers but also highlighted the power of collaboration, creativity, and a shared passion for music.

Image credit: Des Pugh

Mr. J. Walton would like to pass on special thanks to:
Mr. D. Harris, Director of Music, Haberdashers’ Monmouth School, for his brilliant piano accompaniment.
Mrs. T. Kenworthy, Music Administrator, Haberdashers’ Monmouth School, for the event poster and programme design.
All of the teaching staff, support staff and volunteers from all of the schools who have supported the project hugely over the eight weeks.
Finally, to all of the families and friends who came along and watched the performance.