Budding inventors build projects for computer science fair

November 2, 2017

Budding inventors will be demonstrating their imaginative programming projects at Monmouth School for Boys’ Computer Science Fair later this month.

Around 20 inventors, including Tom (pictured), took the opportunity to showcase their coded apps, games, websites and even robots in the inaugural event 12 months ago.

Among the clever creations, seen by nearly 100 guests in 2016, were a Raspberry Pi-controlled railway, a motor racing game and a student-built 3D printer.

Mrs Lyndsay Hope, Head of Computing at Monmouth School for Boys, is looking forward to the second fair on Sunday 19th November from 2pm to 3.30pm.

Mrs Hope said: “Lots of students have been using half-term to programme a project, or build with hardware and software, ready to demonstrate.

“At the fair, which is free of charge, the children will be able to ask questions and get inspiration and ideas. Talking to some of the demonstrators may well spark them on their own road to invention.

“It’s a chance for students to bring something they’ve built, or programmed, and set it on a table so others can see, be inspired a bit, and discover something they may not have tried.

“Last year we had people from a variety of schools and some home schoolers, aged 10 to adult, showing anything from a game they had made to a high altitude balloon project.”

The fair is being preceded by a WyeHack meeting, which will give the inventors time to put the finishing touches to their projects.

These friendly and productive sessions, which are also free and open to all local children interested in coding, are held regularly at Monmouth School for Boys to give like-minded youngsters a chance to develop ideas together.

Mrs Hope added: “You can be incredibly creative with coding. The fair combines all the computer science side of things with art, STEM subjects and humanities too.”

For more details about the computer science fair or WyeHack, e-mail organiser Lyndsay Hope at: hope.lyndsay@habsmonmouth.org

To book a place, go to: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/monmouth-computer-science-fair-2017-free-for-coders-makers-builders-tickets-38773928865?aff=ehomecard