British Board of Film Classification Visit

June 8, 2015

British Board of Film Classification VisitHeidi Renton from the BBFC talked to parents on Wednesday and to Grange and Inglefield pupils on Thursday morning.

It was interesting to hear how decisions on film ratings are made and what the criteria are for various ratings, e.g. PG and 12A. Heidi illustrated this well with several film clips and got the pupils to rate a film clip themselves at the end of her talk. (The majority got it right!) The BBFC has two websites; there is a wealth of material on them both. The CBBFC one below is aimed at children and young teenagers. The following one is their home site and is aimed at adults and older teenagers.

Finally, the following site has their “Insight” service, which enables you to search for a film you might want to watch and get a summary of the reasons for its age-rating. There is also an “Insight” app for smart phones. Useful for parents!