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Muddy Maths Adventure!

May 28th, 2016

pondsPrep II boys enjoyed an exciting Muddy Maths Adventure at Magor Marsh Nature Reserve in the sunshine.

The morning was spent applying their number skills to solve clues to crack a code followed by Reen Dipping with nets, which was great fun. The boys found Ramshorn snails in abundance and amazingly caught a Caddisfly larva and a stickleback. The data collected is now being used in school to create a range of graphs. During the afternoon they used their estimating skills to pace out the lengths of different large mammals and had to collect objects from around the Nature Reserve to match, as closely as possible, a set of given lengths. In the forest school, which was extremely muddy, they found the approximate age of the trees by measuring 1.3 metres from the trunk’s base, finding the circumference at this point and then halving the answer. The competition was then on, when the boys had to find the most acute, obtuse, reflex and right angles within the trees.

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