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Students unite for fiercely-contested mock trial

July 16th, 2019

A fiercely-contested mock trial at the Shire Hall in Monmouth was the highlight of an excellent law workshop involving children from the town’s three secondary schools.

Children at Monmouth School for Boys, Monmouth School for Girls and Monmouth Comprehensive School had an enjoyable introduction into law.

Monmouth School for Boys hosted the very successful workshop, run by Harrison Clark Rickerbys, for around 20 students considering a career in law.

Each session had a different focus, ranging from employment to insolvency, and provided the students with a valuable insight in the legal profession.

The mock trial was based on the purchase of a cooker which malfunctioned and caused considerable financial damage to a customer’s shop.

A diplomatic battle between the two sides involved sharp cross-examination and inquisitive questioning from everyone allowed.

It initially appeared to be an open and shut case.

However, after a bruising battle, the judge ruled in favour of the defendants with the claimants narrowly losing out.

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