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Students descend on Bristol for day of street art

January 18th, 2019

Year 9 artists enjoyed the sights and sounds of Bristol this week. An intriguing street-art tour gave an insight into the works of local and international artists; from the miniatures of Ben Wilson, who creates artworks on discarded chewing gum to the huge bold figures of El Mac whose mother and child figures fill an entire tower block.

Boys gained an insight into the origins of street art and its connection with the 80’s Hip Hop scene. Consideration was given to political issues often addressed through street-art, including the legality of graffiti and tagging. The big question from many boys was, “who is Banksy?” During the tour, boys were thrilled to receive tweets from local Street-Artist, JPS.

Central Bristol’s old police station was the venue for a stencil spray paint workshop and their final stop was the fascinating Arnos Vale Victorian cemetery where they were able to explore fantastically sculpted and often eroded and overgrown grave stones and temples from a breadth of religious denominations.


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