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Professional photographer inspires art students

September 30th, 2017

It was a sunny day of inspiration with Carole Evans visiting our Form 4 GCSE Artists last week.

They were given an enthusiastic and energetic snap-shot into the varied and creative roles of a professional photographer. Carole explained the basics of traditional photography and discussed some of her recent projects, including documenting the story of her great uncle, OM, John Llewellyn Evans who died in preparations for the Vimy Ridge battle in 1917.

Pupils explored shape, pattern and textures through objects and images they suspected might be obsolete in years to come. Pupils experimented with the magical process of cyanotype-prints which relies on direct sunlight upon surfaces pre-coated with a photo-sensitive emulsion.

Boys have enjoyed exposure to this process and look forward to further developing their ideas and imagery in their art lessons. Thank you Carole.

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