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Multilingual market boosts communication skills

March 29th, 2017

Little linguists from six schools spent the morning trading in French, German and Spanish at a bustling pop-up market to boost their communication skills.

Held at Monmouth School’s Blake Theatre on Tuesday, 60 children came together to run stalls selling a colourful array of produce and purchase the items on their shopping lists.

Dealing only in euros and conversing solely in those three languages, pupils from Years 5, 6 and 7 from The Grange, Monmouth School, HMSG, King Henry’s, Overmonnow and Monmouth Comprehensive tested their knowledge and made new friends.

Laure Parsons, Head of Modern Foreign Languages at Monmouth School, organised the event.

She said: “These activities bring languages to life and put them into context; the pupils are experimenting in a real-life situation.

“They’ve displayed great confidence throughout the morning. They are obviously very comfortable in the situation – I’m surprised at how calm they all are.

“Hopefully they are learning a few words and gaining the ability to shop abroad in these countries, as well as further developing an interest in languages.”

Mrs Parsons believes that languages are especially important in today’s political climate.

She added: “British candidates in the market need to have languages to be competitive and climb up the ladder.

“Languages are really great for discovering confidence and communicating with people from all over the world – they are skills which are important in most professions.

“Medical students who have done languages at A level have also told me it helped them so much because it enabled them to be comfortable in communicating very delicate matters to patients.”

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