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Kyle’s on track for success with bike locking system

December 20th, 2017
Kyle (centre) with Kirsty Williams AM, Cabinet Secretary for Education in Wales, and (right) Mr Andy White, Head of Design and Technology at Monmouth School for Boys.

An aspiring teenage engineer has scooped a prestigious honour and filed a patent application for his award-winning bike locking invention.

Kyle, 18, has invented a system which secures all integral parts of a bicycle, such as the two wheels and frame.

The Monmouth School for Boys’ pupil clinched the overall top prize in the WJEC Innovation Awards for his ground-breaking project at GCSE and A level in Design and Technology.

The teenager, who lives just outside Monmouth, also picked up a Gold CREST award and has been entered into the Big Bang Fair at the NEC Birmingham in March which will reveal the UK Young Engineer of the Year 2018.

“My invention is for use in the fields of cycling and security with the intention of it being stationed in cities as well as venues of popular sporting events,” said Kyle, who is in the Upper Sixth Form.

“My GCSE project was a skateboard-themed idea and the design brief for my A level project was to create something that would benefit cyclists.

“The invention is far removed from any existing product but the traditional changing room locker system is the most similar and it can be attached to an existing Sheffield Bike Stand.”

Mr Andy White, Head of Design and Technology at Monmouth School for Boys, joined Kyle for the exhibition and awards ceremony, which took place at the Senedd in Cardiff.

“I have been associated with Monmouth School for Boys since I was 12 years old and this is the first time a pupil has had a project patented or filed for,” said Mr White.

“Kyle’s project was first filed for patent, then exhibited at the Innovations showcase exhibition and then entered into the final competition for a chance to win one of the 12 prizes competed for by around 18,000 pupils across Wales.

“Kyle won the first prize for his year group and then took the overall prize for Wales.

“He will now be the face of the Innovations Awards like Oliver Stokes was two years ago when he won the top honour during his time at Monmouth School for Boys.”

Mr White added: “Kyle’s project is a quick and simple bike lock that can be retrofitted to curved bars which can be found outside supermarkets.”

Kyle is hoping to study Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London or at the University of Bath.

“It’s nice to see something which I planned, researched, wrote about and designed have so much success and recognition,” he said.

“Mr White and the Design and Technology department have been very supportive and encouraged me a lot with my application often outside of school hours.

“I enjoy the atmosphere in lessons and our teachers make Design and Technology so much fun to learn at Monmouth.”

Kyle with his award-winning bike locking system.


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