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‘Girl you don’t know…’ Senior Play released to rave reviews

June 28th, 2020

‘GIRL YOU DON’T KNOW…’ – SENIOR PLAY WORLD PREMIERE This year’s Senior Play ‘Girl you don’t know…‘ has been released online, to rave reviews and has already garnered hundreds of views.

The half hour performance, which tells the story of a YouTube prank gone wrong, is available to view here:

Watch ‘Girl you don’t know…’ here

Written by Drama Teacher and professional playwright Andrew Shakeshaft and filmed entirely in lockdown by Sixth Form actors the play has received some amazing responses from those who’ve watched it including:

‘Thought-provoking and beautifully acted.’

‘I really enjoyed this, it’s so impressive! The acting straight to camera is superb – like a dark Talking Heads – and the suspense in the script was perfectly played –  I found myself really drawn in and desperate to know how it all came together.’

‘I was completely hooked. Every character was so well rounded and natural. Each actor drew me in and made me want to know more.’

‘What a brilliant scenario on this issue and it was so interesting to look at different perspectives. I thought the actors and actresses were very talented; the “selfie” way of filming allowed us to see their emotions even more deeply. In short, I loved it!’

‘I watched this over the weekend and was utterly gripped. What a brilliant idea and amazingly executed by everyone involved.’

‘It’s been a really exciting experience for all of us,’ said writer / director Mr Shakeshaft, ‘to see how much people have loved the show and that’s given us the confidence to want as many people as possible to see it. It would be really great, if people have enjoyed the show, if they could share it online and see how far it can go! Basically, tell a friend!’

The play has also raised more than £450 so far for the suicide prevention charity Papyrus, and donations are still able to be made by going to the Just Giving page here: 

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