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Charlie launches project to boost education in West Africa

March 19th, 2018

A trip to a deprived school in West Africa has inspired a Monmouth student to improve the lives of young people who study there.

Sixteen-year-old Charlie has set-up the African Pen Project to focus on providing children in rural villages with a better education.

Charlie, a Sixth Form student at Monmouth School for Boys, has collected packs of pens, pencils, rubbers which he will be sending to Tanzania shortly.

He has also raised money which will go towards buying stationery and other essential supplies for the schoolchildren in Utete-Rufiji.

“If we want to benefit the lives of African children for good, we need to first focus on providing them with a substantial education,” said Charlie.

“To ensure that 100% of donations go towards helping Tanzanians, I am covering all shipping and administration costs from my own pocket.”

Charlie visited Utete-Rufiji in October with his family and was given a tour of a local primary school, Mwaseni.

The classrooms were bare and resources were lacking and it was clear to Charlie that many local families were living below the poverty line.

“Primary education is free in Tanzania, although extras such as equipment and uniforms are not provided,” said Charlie.

“Children are left without sufficient resources to help them learn, and so many can easily fall behind.

“Education is a key to bringing the next generation of Tanzanians out of poverty for good and into healthier and more fulfilling lives.

“But, at the moment, the teachers are struggling to provide students, some of whom are orphans, with essential supplies.”

Charlie would welcome donations to help children in Mwaseni and to other local schools in rural Africa.

“The generous donations will go a long way to helping change the lives of many young Africans for years to come,” said Charlie.

“I am hoping to send the supplies to Utete-Rufiji as soon as possible, and have made contact with teachers there who will distribute accordingly.

“This project is not only about short-term change, it’s about having a long-lasting, positive impact on Africa.”

To make a donation to Charlie’s African Pen Project, please visit:

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