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Birthday wishes for Old Monmothian Bob Blake

January 5th, 2018
Second Master, Mr Simon Dorman (left), wishes Old Monmothian, Mr Bob Blake, a very happy 90th birthday.

One of Monmouth School for Boys’ biggest supporters, Bob Blake, is celebrating his 90th birthday tomorrow.

Second Master at Monmouth School for Boys, Mr Simon Dorman, and Development Director, Mrs Clare Anning, paid a special visit to the home of the Old Monmothian today.

With Mr Blake’s tremendous support, the school hall was rebuilt and transformed into the state-of-the-art Blake Theatre.

The impressive Blake Theatre, named after Mr Blake, can seat 500 people and has superb lighting, sound and a large cinema screen.

Opening its doors in 2005, the Blake Theatre is shared with the Monmouth community.

“Mr Blake’s support and generosity for Monmouth School for Boys has been outstanding for many years and we all wish him a very special day,” said Mr Dorman.

“It was a pleasure to visit Mr Blake at his Monmouth home and to wish him a happy birthday. It was wonderful to hear his warmth and affection for the school, the staff and the pupils.”

After leaving Monmouth School for Boys, Mr Blake studied at Lincoln College Oxford University, and later worked in the pharmaceuticals industry.

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