Year 6 pupils’ Normandy adventure: A blend of culture, history, and fun

May 15, 2024

In April, our Year 6 pupils embarked on an unforgettable trip to Normandy, immersing themselves in French culture and language while creating lasting memories with their classmates.

A lesson Le Canoë started with a lesson in French to understand the various terms, before launching onto the lake. Well done to the students for wearing their gilet de sauvetage and looking out for les crocodiles!


A delightful bread-making session provided an opportunity for the pupils to learn the French names of various ingredients while baking delicious French bread designs, which they later enjoyed during their evening meal.

The historical aspect of the trip was highlighted by a visit to Arromanches. Here, the students marvelled at the 360 cinema and the stunning Normandy coastline. They gained deeper insights into the D-Day landings with a guided tour of the Pegasus Bridge Memorial Museum, exploring artifacts, films, and the iconic bridge and WWII glider.

A visit to the St. Hilaire market offered the pupils a true taste of France and a chance to practice their French. They had a wonderful time buying souvenirs for their families and deciding which flavour of crêpe to try—truly magnifique!

The trip also included a variety of outdoor activities, such as team-building exercises, the infamous muddy assault course, and caring for animals at the mini farm.

For their final evening in France, the pupils dressed up with a French theme and showcased their talents in a talent show. They capped off the trip with a special meal where they had the chance to sample escargot—bon appétit!

Overall, the Year 6 trip to Normandy was a remarkable blend of language learning, cultural exploration, and adventurous fun. Well done to all the pupils for their enthusiasm and participation, and to the dedicated staff who accompanied them.