Year 5 take on Redmaid at Netball

February 26, 2015

It was great to see all of Year 5 out on the netball courts this week to take on Redmaids, in some very close matches. The girls braved the cold weather and ignored their numb fingers to put in some valiant performances overall.

Well done to the B team, who battled to get a well-earned draw. The C and D teams came within a point of their opposition. The A team played well as a team, moving the ball at pace from one end of the court to the other, but missed out by 4 goals. Well done, Year 5!

Year 5 Netball Feb 15 v4 Year 5 Netball Feb 15 v2 Year 5 Netball Feb 15 v3 Year 5 Netball Feb 15 v1