Vision 2025

A Vision for Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools 2025

We aim to offer to our community both the stability and reassurance that our schools have offered for centuries and a willingness to embrace change in an innovative way. This Vision Paper aims to give shape to both of these aspirations.

Our key focus is on every student in our care so that they are well-known, cared for and inspired by their experience with us. We want to help parents to raise young people who are rounded, grounded and unbounded and who leave school with a zest for life and a mission to make a difference to society. We also desire to look after and support all members of our community.

What do we truly value at HMS?

  • The vision and generosity of our Founder William Jones which has enabled us to offer a wonderful education to local children, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, for centuries and this will remain a priority for our schools
  • Academic excellence – we set high standards and have ambitious expectations and aspirations tailored to the needs and profile of each student; and we offer a wide range of academic subjects, many of which are not available in other schools
  • Strong traditional Values which shape our community, based on the timeless Christian ethos of those who established our schools so that our students’ defining qualities include integrity, kindness, compassion, a commitment to service and a skill in enlightening others
  • Outstanding pastoral care for all members of our community and we are always looking for ways to improve this with a generous ratio of staff: students which allows every child in our care to be well-known; we recognise the benefits of a boarding community in which students join us from all over the world to enrich our community in Monmouth
  • Our Monmouth Model comprises a family of schools which support an all through education from 3-18 in a diamond model allowing co-education for pupils aged 3-11 and 16-18 and single-sex education for those aged 11-16; we are part of the larger Haberdashers’ educational family linked to schools across the UK. Our relationship with the Haberdashers is life-long and we see this as an advantage for our students and alumni
  • A passion for the benefits of a broader education – we believe that members of our community are shaped by the myriad opportunities available to them in the breadth of co-curricular opportunities available in our schools; we offer a particularly wide range of sports, visual and performing arts and enrichment activities
  • Our location in the Wye Valley . We aim to be the school of choice for Welsh and English families in this region but also for families nationally and internationally, optimising our wonderful location on the English/Welsh border. We are excited by the vibrancy and vision of the life available to us here in this area of outstanding natural beauty

Our key academic aspirations for our students are to:

  • maintain high standards and expectations of academic excellence tailored to the needs and profile of each student, giving all of our students a wonder and love of learning for its own sake and a willingness to embrace change in a culture of curiosity and intellectual adventure
  • keep our curriculum under continuous review and to focus on key skills such as problem-solving, critical-thinking, creativity and decision-making and sound judgement amongst our students. These skills will be developed throughout a student’s time with us and via entrepreneurial opportunities so that our students are ready for the world that awaits them
  • build on our excellent Digital Learning programme, taking the best aspects and developing them further and to assist our students to thrive in the new world of digital media
  • continually find ways of developing the key leadership skills in our students; to focus on key skills of rhetoric and oratory so that our students are able to present themselves effectively and inspirationally

Our key pastoral aspirations for our students are to:

  • aim for the very best in wellbeing support for our students so that they feel happy, safe and secure in this challenging world; to consider effective strategies and ways to build up emotional resilience and to encourage a culture of mutual support and kindness; to create an annual Wellbeing Conference and to strive to create a nationally recognised Standard of Quality
  • continue to develop ways of promoting loyalty to each other, to our community, to our House system and to our schools among our students
  • look to develop ways to promote the benefits of volunteering, encouraging our students to look beyond themselves
  • promote a full and respectful understanding among our students of inclusion and diversity issues
  • have so effectively shaped our students by the Sixth Form that they become outstanding role models for our community and the younger students in particular
  • continue to support our boarding structure so that more students can benefit from this ‘home away from home’

Our key broader curriculum aspirations for our students are to:

  • enhance the opportunities to benefit from living in this area of inspirational natural beauty with an exceptional outdoor education programme alongside schemes such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award and to encourage our students to engage fully with the natural world
  • invest wisely in strengthening the quality of leadership and coaching in our focus sports to allow us to continue to prepare sportsmen and women for the world of professional sport, linking effectively with academies; we will also work hard to maintain a culture of respect for sport and the benefits of ‘exercise for life’ for all our students
  • invest in our arts and especially Drama, Music and Dance with a focus on performance, both small and large productions, so that all students experience the joy of these performing arts

Our key aspirations for our staff are to:

  • preserve our culture of kindness and to promote support for all colleagues across our Common Rooms and our support staff; to be a centre of excellence for wellbeing for all members of our community based on mutual respect
  • protect our culture of respectful challenge among all colleagues with a whole staff ‘think tank’ to present ideas to management, so that we benefit from cross school synergies; we strive to protect an openness based on integrity, common experience and understanding, recognising that sharing expertise across our staff enhances the community
  • create the best in professional development and to strive to have the highest quality of staff to achieve our ambitious plans; we want to draw on the excellence that already exists amongst colleagues; to work with nationally-recognised authorities to establish an outstanding programme to actively prepare colleagues for next steps in their career, here and elsewhere; to explore ways to support our teachers in their pedagogy and the love of their subject and to develop our schools as centres of excellence for teacher training
  • preserve and strengthen our excellent academic departments which mark us out as different from competitor schools. We will identify a team of advanced skills teachers to augment our expert delivery; we will strive for constant improvement in our provision by recruiting the best staff

Our key aspirations for our parents and our wider community are to:

  • continue to develop harmonious and supportive parent groups and alumni associations; we will host social events and plan to set up a ‘Haberdashers’ Monmouth Society’ offering cultural and intellectual seminars, workshops and exercise and outdoor opportunities led by our inspirational staff, parents and members of our local community
  • welcome more opportunities to work collaboratively with parents when educating their children on the issues which face young people today
  • truly celebrate being part of the Haberdashers’ Family, a unique and altruistic group which brings us investment, mentoring and career opportunities
  • constantly review ways of keeping our schools affordable and by providing financial support for those who would benefit from a Haberdasher education but do not have the ability to afford the full fees
  • continue to offer the most innovative Outreach Programme to support local primary and prep schools
  • work in partnership with the wider Monmouth town community to the benefit of both