‘Tree of knowledge’ planted at HMSG

March 3, 2015

Tree plant-1

A girls’ boarding school is helping to create the largest orchard, by distance, in the UK after planting a “tree of knowledge” in its grounds.

An apple tree was planted at Haberdashers’ Monmouth School for Girls on Monday (March 2), with help from Robin Fletcher, National Director of the Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA).

The Boarding Orchard was launched by the BSA last year, and HMSG became the second school in Wales to join it, and the 20th in the UK.

It is hoped that 500 schools from all over the nation will become part of it.

“We are aiming for it to be largest orchard, by distance, in the UK,” Mr Fletcher said.

“The trees symbolise the ‘tree of knowledge’ and demonstrate each school’s commitment to growth and caring for the environment.”

HMSG held a special lunch to celebrate the occasion.

For more information on the Boarding Orchard, click here.