Tennis Triumph for Theo

September 24, 2013

Theodore, aged 8, started playing tennis at the age of 6 when he was spotted by Monmouth coach Chris Davis. Chris immediately recognised that Theo had a talent for the game and coached him in his early days. Two years later, Theo is now playing at National level.

The summer has been a non-stop round of tournaments which has seen him competing from Glasgow to Torquay. He got off to a fantastic start by winning the Regional Taunton Open, then carrying the success to Loughborough University where he won against very tough and older opposition.

His dedication, determination, hard work and above all, love of the game was recognised, and led to an invitation to qualify for the National Tournament in Sheffield where he won the tournament for his age group, giving him the honour of being No.1 nationally. The following day Theo won three matches in the age group above him which resulted in the opportunity to play the No.1 seed. Although he didn’t win this game, it was a tense and thrilling match.

The success in Sheffield led to automatic qualification for the National Tournament in Glasgow where eventually finished third in the tournament. This is an amazing achievement against older and more experienced players.  Theo went on to win in tournaments in Torquay, Burnham on Sea, Swansea, Malvern and Gloucester. All in all, Theo has had a tremendous summer.

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