Students represent Wales and the West at the Junior Inter Regional Regatta

April 29, 2024

J15 finish line of time trial.

Great moments are born from great opportunities.

Earlier this month, ten student rowers proudly represented Wales and the West at the esteemed Junior Inter Regional Regatta in Nottingham. Both the J16 4- and J15 4+ crews showcased remarkable competitive spirit, marking an inspiring start to our regatta season.

Sienna, Ffion, Anna B, Anna S & cox Sasha.  

Despite finishing 5th in their time trial, the J16 crew delivered a breath-taking final race, narrowly missing the podium by a mere second. Their determination and skill are undeniable, setting a strong precedent for the upcoming National Schools’ Regatta in May.

Sasha steering her crew to medal podium.

Similarly, the J15 four displayed immense promise in their debut regatta. Led by coxswain Sasha, the crew surged ahead to claim a well-deserved silver medal in a thrilling final race. Their exceptional performance not only secured the school’s first Junior 15 medal at this event but also exemplified the dedication and talent within our team.


Ailsa and Freya – at the start.


The day was filled with pride and positivity for the rowers, coaches, and all members of our boathouse community. It’s a moment we can all cherish and celebrate together.

J15 finish line of time trial.


Additionally, Frankie joined forces to cox the Boys J16 VIII composite crew, representing Monmouth Boys and Monkton Coombe, finishing sixth in the A final.

Our J16 crew consisted of Keilah, Lily, Ailsa, and Freya, while our J15 crew comprised Anna, Anna, Ffion, Sienna, and Sasha serving as coxswain.