Stoneman and sculptor’s fascinating insight on career

October 22, 2021

Mr Philip Chatfield with Mrs Jayne Treasure and Mrs Frances Green, both former long-serving members of staff at Monmouth School for Girls

Old Monmothian, Philip Chatfield, delivered a fascinating and insightful illustrated lecture this week at Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools.

A sculptor and stonemason, Mr Chatfield showcased the breadth of his long and successful career, to members of the Art Friends Gwent, at Monmouth School for Girls.

His impressive list of works include the cockerel on the spire of St Mary’s Church in Monmouth, the war memorial at Monmouth School for Girls and his creations in Swansea’s Maritime Quarter.

Mr Chatfield kept members of the Art Friends Gwent entertained throughout the afternoon in A journey in sea and stone.

Earlier this year, Mr Chatfield, a Deputy Head Boy in 1976, carried out work as part of the refurbishment of the Glover Music School.

He was encouraged to follow his career path by Otto Maciag, the inspirational Head of Art at Monmouth School for Boys.