Religious Studies A level

Explore a stimulating range of ethical, philosophical and theological issues

Our Religious Studies A level course will give you a chance to engage with some of the great philosophical questions that humankind has wrestled with, as well as examining moral and ethical principles from a variety of standpoints.

You will have excellent opportunities to develop critically informed perspectives on the nature of human experience, perception, belief and society. The skills taught include building arguments, marshalling evidence and examples to support different points of view, and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of different perspectives. The course content and the skills developed will appeal to anyone interested in big questions about meaning, purpose and reality, and there is a clear focus on lively classroom discussion and debate.

Our Religious Studies A level provides excellent preparation for a wide variety of arts, humanities, medical and science degrees, as well as leading on to varied career opportunities in law, medicine, journalism, education, academia, civil service and more. In our increasingly globalised world, universities and employers place a high premium on critical and well-informed engagement with the beliefs, values and ethical issues around the world.

If you are interested in life’s big questions, if you enjoy lively discussion and debate, and if you want to examine the impact of religion on culture and society, our Religious Studies A level will be a perfect fit for you.