Psychology A level

Uncover why we behave and think the way we do

Our Psychology A level course will help you understand the many psychological approaches which explain a diverse range of everyday behaviour, and how these differences contrast with one another. During the course, you will explore topics such as aggression, phobias and criminality, as well as a chance to conduct your own research practicals in these areas. You will study how psychological knowledge has changed over time and how the rise of technology has encouraged more rigorous scientific research.

Studying our Psychology course presents a range of topics that complement both science, literature and arts; from cognitive neuroscience to the consideration of ethical and moral issues in psychology. The first year of study builds the foundations of your knowledge of psychology and the second year of the course encourages the application of your knowledge to investigating clinical and criminological psychology; understanding abnormal and criminal behaviour, and the ways we go about treating these.

Throughout the course, you will develop methodological skills that enable you to critically unpick psychological research, and gain essential mathematical skills involving data analysis and probability which help guide the interpretation of research findings. We aim to encourage critical thinking skills, statistical numeracy, and essay writing skills that will enable you to write cogently and analytically. These skills are desirable for further study at university and increase employability.