Philosophy A level

Challenge your perception of reality

Our Philosophy A level asks you to think for yourself, to think rationally and to be open-minded. You will develop and refine a range of transferable skills, such as the ability to ask penetrating questions, to analyse and evaluate arguments, and to present your own arguments clearly, logically and with precision.

We have designed our course to present stimulating and challenging questions about what we know of reality, and what we can and cannot know of reality. The nature of human consciousness is questioned, and the role of logic, reason and rationality are interrogated. Grounded in such foundational concerns you will be able to engage with the underlying assumptions found in a range of ethical and philosophical questions about the nature and purpose of human life.

Philosophy is a highly respected academic subject, and taking our Philosophy A level sets apart those who are passionate about clear thinking on profound issues. Universities and employers across the spectrum value the critical independence of mind shown by those who study Philosophy, and it forms a core part of the famous PPE degree taken by many leading politicians and business people.