French A level

Explore a wealth of diverse cultures and countries

Our French A level course aims to broaden your understanding of modern-day France and the French-speaking world, as well as instil an appreciation of its cultural past. You will learn to communicate with confidence, analyse themes, develop justified arguments, write persuasively and learn to contribute effectively to open discussions.

France is renowned for its rich historic cultural heritage and our A level course paves the way for you to access the arts and sciences. You will learn how the French language has been a vital voice in the areas of philosophy, fine art, gastronomy, cinema, human rights, classical music, rap, scientific invention, engineering and more.

Studying French at A level provides a welcome contrast to science subjects and naturally complements arts and humanities courses. The subject has tremendous kudos with both universities and employers and can be combined with all other courses at universities in the UK including Law and Medicine. Graduates are highly employable as language communication skills are well-respected and sought after in this global age.