Drama & Theatre A level

Foster your creative and critical skills with our A level course in Drama & Theatre.

With ample opportunity to see a range of plays and productions, along with our expert teachers, our course is a fantastic choice for those that have a desire to study the development of theatre and its practitioners as well as wanting to produce their own performances. You will also have the chance to help with the running of drama events staged throughout the year, giving you valuable “backstage” insight and experience.

Our theatre students leave well equipped to continue their studies in degree courses such as drama, performing arts, English, journalism/media studies, stage management and arts management.

Our Drama and Theatre A level course trains students to develop:

  • Competence in applied practical skills both as an individual and within a group
  • An appreciation of a play from an actor’s and director’s viewpoint through the analysis of a variety of texts
  • Knowledge of theatrical influences, conventions and styles related to the development of theatre and its relationship with society
  • An appreciation of the contribution of selected practitioners to theatrical development
  • A critical response to live performances.