Drama and Theatre

Why study Drama and Theatre?

This course will suit those students with an arts leaning. They should have the desire to study the development of theatre and its practitioners as well as wanting to produce their own performances. It is also an enjoyable, academic option providing breadth to Sixth Form studies. Theatre studies students would be well equipped to follow degree courses in drama, performing arts, English, journalism/media studies, stage-management and arts management.

In addition to fostering creative and critical skills, Drama and Theatre also increases confidence and leadership skills, along with training in team work. Recent A level students have gone on to do subjects ranging from Drama to Medicine and Law.

Drama and Theatre trains students to develop:

  • Competence in applied practical skills both as an individual and within a group
  • An appreciation of a play from an actor’s and director’s viewpoint through the analysis of a variety of texts
  • Knowledge of theatrical influences, conventions and styles related to the development of theatre and its relationship with society
  • An appreciation of the contribution of selected practitioners to theatrical development
  • A critical response to live performances.

Experiencing live performances is a vital part of the course and there will be ample opportunity to see a range of plays and productions. Students can also help with the running of the many drama department events staged throughout the year, giving them valuable “backstage” insight and experience and something interesting to add to their CVs.

Heads of Department:  Mrs J Knight (Girls) Mr P Griffin (Boys)

Course content

Board: Edexcel   A level Syllabus NQF Code: 601/8302/0

Devising (9DR0/01) 40%
Students will devise an original performance piece using one key extract from a performance text and a theatre practitioner as stimuli. Performer or designer routes are available.

Text in Performance (9DR0/02) 20%
Students will take part in a group performance of one key extract from a performance text. They will also perform a monologue/duologue or present a design realisation from one key extract from a different performance text.

Theatre Makers in Practice (9DR0/03) 40%
A written examination comprising:

  • A live theatre evaluation
  • The practical exploration and study of a complete performance text focusing on how this can be realised in performance
  • The practical exploration and interpretation of another performance text in light of a chosen theatre
    practitioner and focusing on how this text could be reimagined for a contemporary audience.

Method of assessment


  • Internally assessed and externally moderated. There are two parts to the assessment
  • A 3,000 word portfolio
  • The devised performance/design realisation

Text in Performance
Externally assessed by a visiting examiner

Theatre Makers in Practice
Written examination: 2 hours 30 minutes