Computer Science A level

Our Computer Science A level course is centred around logical problem solving, designing computer systems and software as well as successfully implementing them.

“We simply cannot hire enough computer scientists and this seems madness at a time of such high youth unemployment… Companies like Rolls-Royce and GlaxoSmithKline depend on great programmers as much as games developers and visual effects companies do.”
Ian Livingstone, Life president, Eidos

Computer science is a swiftly moving field that unites many disciplines like mathematics, programming, engineering, philosophy and ethics. It opens an array of career paths and appears individually or jointly in a range of courses such as Computer Science & Games Technology, Computer Science and Web Technologies and Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence.

Throughout the course, you will be encouraged to build and code outside of the classroom and although Mathematics is not essential, those who study A level Mathematics alongside Computer Science will find elements of the course easier to grasp.

Graduates of our Computer Science A level course have achieved awards for grades in the top 50 in the UK, while others have interned and gone on to work with organisations such as Google, SkyScanner, QinetiQ, 3M, GCHQ and Renishaw.

“Our policy at Facebook is literally to hire as many talented engineers as we can find. There just aren’t enough people who are trained and have these skills today.”
Mark Zuckerberg , Founder, Facebook