Sixth Formers take the lead in hands-on Psychology workshops

January 16, 2023

Sixth Form students at Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools had a wonderful, hands-on experience in behavioural psychology this week with highly-trained dogs.
The Year 12 workshops showed students how the dogs responded to commands and the psychology behind it.
The lovely G, a working Bearded Collie, was conditioned by Year 12 pupil, Lois, to walk Pingu-style and spin in circles.
It was a brilliant experience for the Year 12 Psychology students, who said it was amazing, and incredibly helpful to see psychological conditioning with such incredible dogs at first hand.
James and Vicky Coxon from K9 Kindergarten animal training services delivered the fascinating workshops in the main hall at Monmouth School for Girls.
Vicky used a clicker and treats to give an excellent example of positive reinforcement with Rogue, a miniature American Shepherd. His cute face and attitude kept the students giggling.
Rogue engaged with students and sniffed out treats and head rubs, as James explained negative reinforcement and shaping, which is teaching new behaviour through physical enforcement. Rather interestingly, cheese, rather than biscuits, appeared the best method to encourage the beautiful canines into action.