Sixth Form Physicists’ visit to Renishaw plc

November 10, 2015

Mrs Kavanagh’s Year 12 Physics class recently had access to a detailed tour of Renishaw’s Cardiff site. Amelia (Year 12) reports on a fascinating and enriching experience:

“Renishaw is a prolific engineering company, with a focus on innovation; employees taught us about their departments within the company, demonstrating this innovative mind-set in all of the site’s facets – not least that all of its machinery is designed by the company itself. What struck us was the breadth of fields (neuroscience, skeletal reconstruction and machinery manufacturing, for example) which the simple ethos of seeking improvement and efficiency encompassed. We were left with the impression that the forward-thinking mentality uniting all fields we saw at Renishaw means a multitude of doors in STEM are not only open to us, but interact intrinsically – and excitingly – with each other.”

Amelia 12P

Sixth Form Physicists visit Renishaw Sixth Form Physicists visit Renishaw 2