Rowing camp – Seville 2014

May 8, 2014

In the early hours of Wednesday, 9th April 2014, 21 girls from HMSGRC flew to Seville, Spain for our annual Easter training camp.

The girls were thrown into the deep end with seat trials on the day of arrival – completing 6 races over a 1k course.  This would not only determine the crews for the rest of the week but also for summer racing, which were only a few weeks away.  Over 6 days, HMSG rowers endured a tough programme of three training sessions per day; two on the water and one land session.  With accommodation on site, the girls rolled out of bed and onto the water for the first session of the day at 7.00am.  Due to the cool, early morning weather the first sessions were ideal for long-distance, steady-state paddling.  This enabled the girls to build up a solid level of fitness, to ‘gel’ with their crew members and to smooth out any technical faults.  After a well-deserved breakfast, mid mornings were used to revise, sunbathe or relax.  Starting just before lunch, the second outing – on land – included stretching, strengthening exercises and core work in the well-equipped gym situated next to the river.  The day ended with an intense session back on the river.  With the midday heat falling, rowers were put to the test under timed, race-pace pieces in their crews.  This allowed the girls to practise in racing conditions; against other crews on a multi-lane course.

During the middle of the week, the girls had the opportunity to swap lycra for dresses and take a bus ride into the city of Seville, only a few kilometres away.  The girls were able to sample the tastes, sights and sounds of a different culture and could have a hard-earned break from the demanding training regime that they would soon return to the next day.

Seville training camp has been a fantastic way to start the Regatta season.  Rowing more than 80 kilometres during the camp, it was an ideal opportunity for the girls to mature and progress as athletes.  Testing their mental and physical limits, HMSG rowers have gained confidence in their own and their crew mates’ abilities.  With one of the most prestigious events looming – Wallingford Regatta – the girls are definitely feeling ready to race and to represent HMSGRC in style.

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