Rocket Crash Site Investigation!

Thu, 11 Jan 2018

Mr Wren received an urgent call from Mr Alexander via walkie-talkie on Thursday morning. He had discovered some strange debris, partially obscured by smoke, in his maintenance area. Mr Wren, Mrs Franklin and Mrs Jenkins donned their high-visibility jackets and went to check out the phenomenon, with Year 2 following at a safe distance. Once the site had been secured and fire hazards contained the children put on their waterproof trousers, boots, safety goggles and masks. The photography team took the lead and recorded the site in detail, before allowing the crash site investigation teams in. Armed with pipettes, petri-dishes, swabs and tweezers CSI Team 1 set about collecting samples of evidence. When all four teams had completed their work the Year 2 children gathered together for a debrief. Follow up work will include filming news reports, taking witness statements, emailing the relevant outside agencies and consulting with specialists.