Rivers of the World Art/Geography Project – update

June 29, 2015

This term, ten pupils in Years 9 & 10 have been participating in a British Council Project – Rivers of the World. This international project is linked to the Thames Festival which takes place every September in London. The British Council has been involved since 2006 and this year opened up the project to schools outside London, eighteen in total. Three overseas countries are also involved: Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and The Philippines. HMSG and five other schools have been linked to Bangladesh. HMSG’s partner school is Mohra Saera Khatun Kaderia Girls High School in the South-East of the country, near Chittagong.

The emphasis of Rivers of the World is to encourage global citizenship links and to raise awareness of environmental issues linked to rivers – natural environment and use, and to encourage young people to reconnect to rivers and increase appreciation of their value.

Initially pupils researched the River Wye with a focus – the Wye as a ‘resourceful river.’ Next under the guidance of Mr Beer in the Art Department they began producing their artwork, using a range of medium. The work was mainly carried out during sessions after school.

The pupil artwork is currently being integrated into one final art piece (like a collage) using ICT – Photoshop with the support of Miss Porritt and her partner. Pupils have also contributed to the final design. It is then going to be sent off at the end of June after being downloaded onto a USB stick. All the artworks will be printed onto boards 2.5m x 1m and then attached to lamp posts along the River Thames – South Bank, during the Thames Festival Exhibition, September 2015. There are three viewing locations: Oxo Tower Wharf, Tate Modern & Tower Bridge, 1.5 million viewers are expected.

Mr Meek and Mr Beer look forward to seeing the finish printed board and with developing links with Mohra Saera Khatun Kaderia Girls High School.

Pupil comments:

“I really enjoyed working in collaboration with lots of different people because we moulded all our ideas together to make something beautiful.” Charlotte– 9I

“I enjoyed spending my evenings developing my drawing skills and having the chance to draw for fun. I also liked finding out how much character the River Wye has.” Victoria– 9I

“I have really enjoyed the freedom of drawing what I want. I also have enjoyed working with lots of different people with different ideas.” Hebe– 9M

“It has been very interesting learning about the local area, the River Wye, its architecture and wildlife – through art.” Rosie– 9I

Mr N Meek – Head of Geography

Mr C Beer – Art Teacher