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Yummy topic launched with flippin’ tasty American diner breakfast

January 5th, 2017

Wide-eyed children were whisked off to the States as the delicious smell of pancakes and bacon welcomed them back to school this morning.

Agincourt School & Nursery was transformed into an American diner and pupils were treated to a hearty maple syrup-covered breakfast to celebrate the launch of this term’s topic, ‘Yum Yum’.

diner3The children will learn all about global cuisine, sample new, exotic tastes and discover the geographical stories behind the food we eat.

Jennie Phillips, Head of Agincourt, said: “We have a creative curriculum, with a different topic each term. It’s always something new and fresh which the children haven’t done and the staff haven’t taught before, so it’s exciting for everyone.

“Yum Yum is our new theme. We’ll be travelling through the different continents, so there will be lots of geography-based work. The lessons will include farming stories from Africa, India, America, Italy – we’ll have pizza and pasta week too.”

Sharing a menu with Haberdashers’ Monmouth School for Girls means that pupils at Agincourt are already fortunate enough to enjoy an exciting varied diet.

Mrs Phillips added: “It’s like anything else; if you make different options available to children and encourage them to try new things when they’re young it makes them more adventurous growing up. Our fussy eaters will also want to try new things when they see their friends having a go.”

This term will see Reception discover more about chocolate and Italian grub, and Year 1 learn about international dishes.

“Year 2’s work will be very Roald Dahl inspired, looking at Charlie’s Chocolate Factory and Aztecs to learn about where chocolate came from,” Mrs Phillips continued. They’ll be looking at cocoa farming and Fair Trade. The staff have organised trips to Pizza Express, Cadbury World, Humble by Nature, Over Farm, Green and Jenks and a curry house.”

diner2 Artistic Agincourt staff work behind the scenes to make each term’s launch as enchanting as possible for the children.

This morning the community spirit between Monmouth and the school shone through as Jeff Hall, owner of MJ’s Fresh Food Bar in town, cooked and served the delicious breakfast for the pupils.

Mrs Phillips said: “We like to start each topic with a bang to make coming back to school more fun. For several pupils it’s their first day, so we like to make it extra special. Only we are mad enough to picnic in January!

“Jeff from MJ’s has been up since 3.30am today to set his café up and then make it in time to create this experience for the children – we are so lucky to have such a lovely link with the community, he’s been amazing.”

Parents were also delighted with the warm welcome. It was Vanessa Smith’s three-year-old daughter Ruby’s first day at school today.

diner5Mrs Smith said: “Agincourt is just the best school. We always wanted Ruby to come here, that’s why we moved to Monmouth.

“I’ve been on the mailing list for a long time and everything that comes through, including the school trips, is just amazing.

“Ruby has been so exciting about coming here. Purple is her favourite colour too so she couldn’t wait to put the uniform on!

“The grades are so good and the quality of teaching is brilliant.

“This is an amazing start to the term – Ruby will be expecting it every morning from now on!”

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