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Dragon-powered sleigh lands on transformed welly shed

December 4th, 2015

Children were awestruck to discover a vegetarian dragon had replaced Santa’s reindeer and parked his sleigh on top of their school’s welly shed.

Mesmerised little ones at Agincourt School and Nursery, who have been engrossed in the medieval theme of Turrets and Tiaras all term, arrived on Friday morning to find the shed had been transformed into a castle overnight.

The giant dragon egg was laid on the shed a few weeks ago, and the pupils had been patiently waiting for it to finally hatch.

Mrs Jennie Phillips, Headmistress of Agincourt, said: “On Thursday night after all the children had gone home, the staff and I stayed behind and built a castle around the welly shed as a surprise.

“It was the conclusion to our Turrets and Tiaras theme – the big finale.

“It was pouring with rain overnight and I was really worried it would look terrible, so came to work for 6am to put it all back together again.

“When the children walked into school their faces looked absolutely amazed and really, really excited.

“The dragon, Rhydian, is only five weeks old.

“Some of the little ones were a bit anxious when they saw him, but when I told them he’s not the kind of dragon who eats children they were much happier.

“He’s a vegetarian and only eats berries, leaves, vegetables and chocolate coins.

“Everyone had a little stroke.”

Agincourt egg hatches, what a drag!

Rhydian was hanging over the edge of the castle, attached to Santa’s sleigh, when the pupils first clapped eyes on him.

The pupils have loved learning about history this term, with visits to castles, dressing as knights and even a medieval banquet helping to bring the subject to life for them.

“The inside of the welly shed was completely transformed into Father Christmas’ living room, with fairy lights, and as soon as the children saw a chair in there they knew who was about to arrive,” added Mrs Phillips.

“Some of them sang Santa a song, and then he told them little stories. It was brilliant.

“One boy, three-year-old Monty, asked him for two real-life dinosaurs – one with a short neck and one with a long neck.

“The parents were really sweet.

“One mum said it made her want to be six-years-old and come to Agincourt.

“And there were a couple of dads who never wanted to leave the grotto!

“It was so worth doing.

“The dragon really had the wow factor because the children have been tracking his egg this whole term, and it was nice that he had come back in time for Christmas.”


The transformation in 15 seconds!

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