Useful Info

School Policies

The school has an extensive range of policies to cover every eventuality. The policies most relevant to parents are available to download here and all other school policies are available from the Senior Deputy Head on request.

The school provides all parents with a detailed Parent’s Handbook which is also available for download (PDF – 5.3mb). This document has been designed to answer all the questions most frequently asked by prospective and current parents. It is presented in A-Z format for easy access to information.

If you have any queries about the handbook, or require any further information about our school, please do not hesitate to contact us.

PDF_Med Admissions Policy (PDF – 297kB)
PDF_Med Anti Bullying Policy (PDF – 216kB)
PDF_Med Curriculum Policy (PDF – 433kB)
PDF_Med Data Protection Policy (PDF – 371kB)
PDF_Med English as an Additional Language Policy (PDF – 215kB)
PDF_Med Guardianship Policy and Agreement (PDF – 173kB)
PDF_Med Health & Safety Policy (PDF – 327kB)
PDF_Med Learning Support Policy (PDF – 312kB)
PDF icon Parental Complaints Policy (PDF – 211kB)
PDF icon Pastoral Care Policy (PDF – 310kB)
PDF icon Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (PDF – 736kB)
PDF icon Safeguarding Policy Addendum (PDF – 117kB)
March 2020

Parent / Teacher Contact

The school office is open for enquiries, uniform, appointments and general queries every school day from 8:30am to 4:00pm. Please be aware that there are various times in the day when the secretary will not be in her office. You are invited to leave a message and she will endeavour to get back to you as soon as she can.

After a few weeks reception parents will be invited into the school to meet the reception teacher for a brief informal chat so that we can reassure you about how your child has settled in and give you the opportunity to raise any queries you may have.

There are plenty of opportunities for informal contact between parents and teachers. Teachers greet the children each morning and at the end of the day are available to exchange news relating to the children. If there is a more private or sensitive matter please make an appointment to speak at another time. For obvious reasons the doors are kept locked, so please ring the front door bell when you visit the school.

Parents’ Evenings

These are held each term. Your appointment time will allow you to discuss your child’s progress and view his/her work. Full reports are provided twice a year, at Spring half-term and at the end of the Summer term.

St Peter’s Church

St Peter’s Church, Dixton is a short walk down the lane from the school. We use the church each year for the following services:

  • Harvest Festival
  • Christmas Carol Service
  • Easter Service
  • Leavers’ Service

All parents are warmly invited to join us at these services.

The School Ethos

At Monmouth Schools Pre-Prep & Nursery we believe that:

  • Everyone should be treated with respect and courtesy
  • Consideration should be given to other people, their feelings and opinions
  • Everyone should take some responsibility for the school environment
  • School rules need to be obeyed to ensure the best possible environment for learning
  • Problems should be discussed and conflict avoided

The Golden rules are:-

  • We are kind and helpful
  • We take care of everyone’s belongings
  • We are gentle and don’t hurt others
  • We listen and don’t interrupt
  • We work hard and allow others to do so
  • We are honest
  • We move around school quietly and sensibly