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Alongside a full curriculum where Art, Music, Science and sports play an important role we are pleased to offer a wide range of extra-curricular clubs, taking place at lunch time or after school.

These allow the children to try different activities and pursue new interests. There is an option to suit each child due to the diverse range of choices available. The choice of clubs on offer changes termly and parents are given the opportunity to make their selections at the start of each term. Details of some of the clubs available are given below.

Chess Club

Chess club is led by Chess Master Kevin Thomas who has a very successful history with Haberdashers’ schools. He teaches the children the rules, logic and techniques of chess and their skills expand as they play against each other.  The children are often successful in National competitions, but also enjoy the in school matches and end of term medal presentations. 




Dance Club

Dance club is taught by Mrs Pritchard, and is popular with girls and boys alike. The children are taught elements and skills that build towards beautifully choreographed performances at the end of each term. With fantastic sets and costumes being created and provided Dance Club offers a unique opportunity for the children.

Gardening Club

The Monmouth Schools Pre-Prep & Nursery gardening clubs are run by two enthusiastic gardeners.  The fenced garden area boats a selection of raised beds for planting, a large cold frame and a green house. The children all enjoy using the range of gardening tools available and following the journey from seed to plate.


Hockey Club

Hockey Club allows the older children to practise the skills they have learned in their PE lessons, develop their passing and shooting skills and prepare for match play when they move up to the Preparatory Schools.


Recorder Club

The children very quickly learn to play their first tune on this instrument and are soon confident enough to perform in assembly. This club fosters their growing interest in music and is excellent preparation for moving on to other wind and brass instruments in the future.


Storytelling Club

In storytelling club traditional stories are told and discussed. The children very much enjoy these stories while developing listening and speaking skills. This club is run at lunch time and is suitable for even our youngest children.

Rugby Skills Club

Mr Wren works with the older children to develop their passing, dodging and kicking skills in after school rugby sessions. This is excellent preparation for the boys when they move on to the Grange and the ball handling skills learned are equally valuable to our girls.

Running Club

Mrs Clarke’s running club recruits have been working on sprint and recovery and timed runs. They have been improving their technique and stamina as well as developing a good running style. We look forward to seeing them in action on the sports field.