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It’s Back to the Future for Monmouth children

April 26th, 2018

Eye-catching scale models of a DeLorean car and a Tardis greeted children on their return to a Monmouth school this week.

The boys and girls from Monmouth Schools Pre-Prep and Nursery were met at the front gate by the iconic models from Back to the Future films and Dr Who.

The young Time Detectives used a green screen to capture images of their friends as they travelled back to Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome and the era of the dinosaurs.

The children each received their own Time detective Badge, which they wore with great pride to mark the new term’s topic launch.

Headmistress, Mrs Jennie Phillips, said: “The term’s topic launch brought lots of smiles to the faces of the children and helped to ease their return to school after the holidays.

“I would like to thank our dedicated staff for the vast amount of time and effort they put into transforming their classrooms during the Easter break.

“The children were so excited to be back at school and they cannot wait to immerse themselves in the new topic.”

Back in January, the children had arrived at Agincourt for the new term to discover a space shuttle on the welly shed, their classrooms transformed and signs directing them to Monmouth Space Centre.

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