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Raglan Castle Invasion

November 9th, 2015

More than 100 imaginative schoolchildren, dressed as noble knights, took great joy in usurping a medieval castle for the day.

Agincourt School and Nursery in Monmouth was given free reign of Raglan Castle, where they spent the day tackling exciting challenges and learning about what life was like 500 years ago.

Aged between three and seven-years-old, 104 pupils threw themselves into the exciting opportunity to bring history to life recently.

It came after Jane McIlquham, the castle’s events custodian, saw Year 1 on a school trip to White Castle.

Jennie Phillips, Headmistress of Agincourt, said: “Jane saw Year 1 recreating the Battle of Hastings at White Castle and got in touch to ask whether the whole school would like Raglan for the day.

“’What a generous and brave offer,’ I thought.

“It came out of nowhere really – it was such a brilliant surprise.

“My enthusiastic staff and the children got so much out of it.

“They set up a Tudor trail for us, with quizzes and activities along the way.

“The children also learnt new skills when they were tasked with sending a tweet about their trip from the castle’s Twitter account.”

Younger pupils followed a trail of nursery rhymes around the castle, which included an investigation into a crime scene involving Humpty Dumpty.

The older children learnt about Tudor clothing, perfected their battle cries and took part in a pike drill session.

The group was also joined by Minstrel Tom, a local musician and 17th century reenactor, who gave up his time for free to make the pupils’ visit even more magical.

“The children were all so excited,” added Mrs Phillips.

“They felt like they had gone back in time.”

Lessons at Agincourt have all tied in with the theme of Turrets and Tiaras since the beginning of term, so pupils arrived at Raglan already armed with plenty of historical knowledge.

“Jane and Minstrel Tom were so impressed with how much the children already knew,” said Mrs Phillips.

“Because they’ve been learning about this topic for six weeks, their knowledge was incredible.”

And Minstrel Tom said: “It was such fun for me, having the children asking searching questions, listening and doing as asked while smiling.”

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