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‘Out of this World’ Topic Launch

January 8th, 2018

The children arrived to school on Thursday to find a space shuttle on the welly shed and their classrooms totally transformed. It was with a great deal of excitement that they set off along the riverbank, following the signs to ‘Monmouth Space Centre’. When the children reached Monmouth Boys’ School sports pavilion they found a huge inflatable dome waiting for them. They crawled through a tunnel to enter the dome, where their first expedition into space began.

With the walk being a little too far for our youngest children a minibus was laid on to shuttle the Nursery class to the Space Centre. We were very impressed with how beautifully the children listened, and you would never have known that for some of them it was their first day at school!

Our thanks to the Explorer Dome team for making the experience so interesting and memorable for the children.

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