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Meet the Head Girl & Head Boy who just want to make everyone happy

October 6th, 2016

A thoughtful six-year-old, who created a Buddy Bench to abolish any hint of loneliness in the playground, has been made Head Girl at her school.

Zara will share the responsibilities of the role with good-humoured Head Boy, Robert, also six, at Agincourt School & Nursery in Monmouth.

The kind-hearted pair will act as role models to their peers, help with touring prospective parents and pupils around the school and give various speeches throughout the term.

heads6Zara said: “When I found out I was Head Girl, I was a bit proud of myself. My sister was really proud because she was Head Girl too. You have to be really sensible and kind to other people.

“I think Robert was chosen because he is kind to other people, he walks in school and never runs.

“If I was Prime Minister, I would want all children to have fun – I’d keep them happy all the time.

“It’s important to look out for people who might need a friend in the playground. I started the Buddy Bench so that if someone was sad, they could go and sit on it and then someone would go and scoop them up and make them laugh.”

Robert, who said he was “shocked” to be made Head Boy, loves making his friends laugh.

He said: “I definitely didn’t expect it to be me! My dad was proud and he gave me a Star Wars comic.

“I’m a funny person and it’s important to make people laugh because it helps them go from ‘boohoo’ to ‘yay’!

“I’d like to be a Prime Minister – then every school could have ice cream every day.

“If there are people who can’t afford a nice place to live, I would give them all £1million from my money-making machine.”heads7

Robert and Zara are excited about hosting tours around Agincourt and pointing out the decorations they’ve made to transform the school into an enchanted forest for their current topic, ‘A Walk in the Woods’.

Zara added: “The classrooms look really good. Our teachers really care about us. They care about you not getting hurt and they keep you safe by not letting you get stung by wasps.

“Agincourt is crazy, epic and fantastic.”

And Robert, who has already served his time on the School Council, continued: “We’re not allowed to say the word ‘nice’ here because it’s a boring word. We use words like ‘super’ and ‘brilliant’

“We try to be the four Rs – responsible, reliable, resilient and resourceful.”

Headmistress, Mrs Jennie Phillips, is confident the duo will make excellent prefects.

She said: “Robert and Zara are a brilliant double act, they give a really clear picture of what is important about Agincourt.

“They aren’t afraid to share and if I give them a job to do, it will get done.

“Parents meeting Robert and Zara when they come to tour the school will want their children to turn out like them by the end of Year 2.”

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