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Six-year-old becomes headmistress for a day

March 19th, 2015

She had set her sights on becoming a pop star or an artist.

But after taking control of her school for the day, six-year-old Lucy has decided becoming a headmistress is the path for her.

The Agincourt School and Nursery pupil won the chance to take over from Headmistress Mrs Jennie Phillips when her parents bid on the prize at a charity auction.

Joanna and Edward Hughes paid £500 for their daughter to lead assembly, teach a lesson, take a site walk and keep order in the playground on Thursday, March 19.

Lucy said: “Blowing the whistle in the playground was my favourite part of the day.

“I took it home and I’m going to use it to wake up my dad.

“I gave out badges, stickers and certificates in assembly and shook people’s hands.

“I had lunch in the staffroom and listened to all the teachers’ conversations.

“Mr Wren said I am similar to Mrs Phillips because she can’t drive and neither can I.

“My friends were all jealous of me going into the staffroom.

“Elizabeth went crazy.

“She said she had to see it to believe it.

“I had five cupcakes that day.”

Agincourt head for a day-15

It was one of many auction prizes up for grabs at the Friends of Agincourt Casino Royale Ball earlier this month, with all money raised being split between Tŷ Hafan children’s hospice, Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital Charity and Agincourt School.

Along with the raffle, the event raised almost £13,000.

As well as answering Mrs Phillips’ phone and welcoming parents to the school’s afternoon music concert, Lucy taught a Reception class and chaired a meeting of the School Council during her day as head.

“I liked telling the Reception year what to do,” She added.

“I would like to be a headmistress, a pop star and an artist when I grow up.

“That’s three jobs so maybe I’d have to quit headmistress for a week.

“Actually, I won’t be a pop star or an artist, I’ll just concentrate on being a headmistress.”

Impressed with Lucy’s maturity, Mrs Phillips said: “Lucy was very professional at all times.

“She maintained high levels of discipline and I was very scared for my job – I’m definitely feeling threatened.

“She turned up dressed in a miniature version of my outfit and even asked her mum to straighten her hair.

“Lucy was very efficient, very practical and had good ideas on her site walk.

“She wants to extend the outdoor classroom and put a see-through roof over the courtyard to allow lots of light in but keep the children covered in bad weather.

“She ate her lunch in the staffroom and ignored all the banter.

“She maintained a professional demeanour at all times and particularly enjoyed blowing the whistle to line up the children, and the power that goes with it.

“The whole day was really good fun.”

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