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Five-year-old Miles takes charge of school

May 17th, 2018
Mini-heads: Miles, Isabella and Alfie.

Make science lessons longer and increase the length of break-time.

That was the advice of three ‘new’ head teachers at Monmouth Schools Pre-Prep and Nursery, Monmouth School Boys’ Prep and Monmouth School Girls’ Prep on Wednesday 16th May.

Three pupils – Miles, Alife and Isabella – became heads at their respective school for one day and held their own assemblies, led meetings, took part in a press conference, and gave guided tours.

Five-year-old Miles took charge of Monmouth Schools Pre-Prep and Nursery under the guidance of Mrs Jennie Phillips.

“Giving a tour of the school was probably the best thing that I’ve done,” said Miles.

“I also enjoyed the tour of the other two schools and I particularly liked the science room at Monmouth School Boys’ Prep because they had made a clock out of wood.

“I would definitely like to do more Forest School because we get to put marsh mallows on the fire, and it’s really great fun.”

Nine-year-old Alfie took the lead at Monmouth School Boys’ Prep under the tutelage of Mr Neil Shaw.

He declared: “I would make break-times longer and have longer science lessons.”

Ten-year-old Isabella enjoyed her day in charge at Monmouth School Girls’ Prep under the supervision of Mrs Hilary Phillips.

“The headteacher’s role felt very responsible and there were a lot of duties I needed to take on,” said Isabella.

“I was really excited about the opportunity. If I became the school’s permanent head, I would extend the length of the science lessons and maybe the Physical Education lessons.”

The mini-heads hold an important meeting.

The parents of the three mini heads from Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools won the special opportunity for their children in a charity auction at a ball thrown by the parents’ associations.

Mrs Jennie Phillips explained: “The parents’ associations for the three schools involved organised a fantastic Burns Night Ball.

“It was a brilliant evening and they auctioned off the Head for the Day opportunity.

“It raised more than £1,200 with money going to some fantastic charities, like Noah’s Ark Charity, and some money being put back into the schools.”

She added: “The three mini-heads were brilliant. We did staff meetings, assemblies and tours of the schools. They enjoyed it and I am certain it is something the three children will remember always.”

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