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Exciting New Arrivals

April 29th, 2015

On Wednesday the children were introduced to the latest exciting new arrivals to Agincourt.

We are lucky to have been given two fantastic tortoises by Mrs Dot Knight. Dot has been keeping tortoises for the last 60 years, and had 35 at one point! Our pair are 43 years old, and have been visiting schools for much of their lives. They are well used to noise and handling and are remarkably relaxed about their move and not in the least shellshocked! (sorry).

The tortoises will be day pupils of the school, and will be travelling to school with Mrs Phillips each morning. Each class will take turns to look after the tortoises, and maintain their food and water supplies. We are also looking for two names, and have been reliably informed that they are both female. We have offered the children and parents the opportunity to put forward any suggestions for a public vote next week.​

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