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Dance club delights with Revolting Revolutions show

July 6th, 2017

A rather thuggish Goldilocks, a very naughty Red Riding Hood and seven gambling dwarfs were just a few of the rogues featured in Agincourt’s brilliant dance show.

The school’s Year 2 Dance Club had a packed audience crying with laughter and pride as they performed the gloriously cheeky Revolting Revolutions.

Held in Monmouth School’s Blake Theatre, each cast member stayed in character throughout the Roald Dahl-inspired extravaganza.

The Revolting Rhymes adaptation was co-ordinated by Lynne Clifton, Agincourt’s hard-working and dedicated dance teacher.

Headmistress, Jennie Phillips, said: “A personal high point was the opening number, which began with a voice-over from Mr Wren’s alter-ego and led into some complicated choreography where our bunch of unruly school children danced along and over benches to a backing track of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall.

“The performance was an absolute delight from beginning to end and I must congratulate Mrs Clifton on coaxing such incredible performances from the children. Thanks too to Mrs Bird, Mrs Jenkins, Mrs Shaw, Miss Lane and Mrs Chowns for all their support behind the scenes.”

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