About Us

The Grounds

Our unique location amid beautiful countryside with the wonders of the natural world on our doorstep feeds into the school life inside and outside our buildings.  The boys and girls love to explore their surroundings with their teachers and the peaceful setting engenders a relaxed yet focused attitude to school life, away from the distractions of a busy town or city environment.

The Playground

The extensive grounds and their beautiful setting provide endless opportunities for play, physical challenge and exploration. There is an excellent adventure playground, with covered areas for quiet play, a hard area and a large field. The children are encouraged to take measured risks, make full use of the playground area and to share equipment responsibly.

Wildlife in the pond

The children are given the opportunity to collect and observe a variety of mini-beasts in and around the pond. The school has a good selection of pond-dipping equipment which the children soon become familiar with. The pond is a valuable resource for ‘hands-on’ science activities.

Vegetable Garden

The school boasts a fenced greenhouse and vegetable garden area with raised beds. The children are all given the opportunity to tend their own plants and vegetables and to take responsibility for the care of their seedlings. They are all immensely proud of the end products and benefit from seeing the journey from seed to plate at first hand.

Wildlife Garden

An area of the grounds has been planted to attract all forms of wildlife. The pond, log pile and stone mound provide different habitats for mini-beasts. There are nest boxes to encourage birds into the garden, and the opportunity to use a webcam to observe any new inhabitants. The wildlife garden is used for observation and exploration by the children and they are encouraged to think about the bigger picture regarding human impact on the environment.