About Us

Independent research places us amongst top performing prep schools

We recently commissioned the RSAcademics Parental Pulse survey to give us an independent and objective assessment of our performance. The findings help us to understand what areas parents rate most highly and which areas they would prioritise for improvement as we strive to deliver the very best education possible for 3 to 7 year olds. Some of the best known schools in the country conduct similar research which means we can also benchmark our performance across the independent prep sector.  We were delighted to be placed in the top five schools out of 61 when mapping the percentage of parents who were ‘completely satisfied’. (Chart below)

Parents greatly value our welcoming, caring and encouraging approach, in combination with the excellent teaching, creative leadership and small nurturing scale.

An anonymous quote from a parent helped sum it up,
“The holistic approach to learning and the creative curriculum, putting the kids outside in wet weather gear and outdoor learning, opportunities for working with the other Habs’ schools, activities for charity, school trips, stimulating learning environments, feeling of positivity, nurture and encouragement, the happy and energetic spirit of the school, respect and kindness between staff and pupils, and pupils amongst themselves. It is a really special place.”

Highlights from the survey

"Completely Satisfied" mapping

Compared to 61 other prep/junior schools

Pupil happiness

Q. “Overall, how happy would you say your child is at school?”

Compared to 48 other prep/junior day schools

Advocacy, lilelihood to recommend

Q. “Would you recommend the Nursery to friends?”