Monmouth Prep School performing in National Festival of Music

June 26, 2024

Monmouth Prep School Choir – 2023/2024

We are proud of the Monmouth Prep School Choir for being selected, for the second consecutive year, to represent Haberdashers’ Monmouth School at The National Festival of Music.

The choir were selected after an exceptional performance at the Music for Youth Regional Festival, where their ‘wonderfully exciting performance’ was recognised by the musical mentors.

The National Festival is a prestigious event that showcases musical talent from schools across England and Wales. It is a significant honour for our children to perform at the festival and to experience and share in such a diverse and inspiring array of musical performances. 

The choir’s performance at Birmingham Town Hall will feature music by Sarah Quartel, Bob Dylan and Joanna Lee and will feature use of body percussion, harp, shruti and voice – an eclectic offering to showcase our fantastic singers and musicians.