Prep III Visit London

January 20, 2015

Houses of Parliament

Houses of ParliamentAt the invitation of David Davies, MP for Monmouthshire, Prep III visited the Houses of Parliament last Friday afternoon and were shown around both Houses, the Lords and the Commons. This followed on from David Davies’s visit to the school to talk to the boys about life as an MP. One of our Prep III boys, whose uncle is the MP for Islywn, was particularly delighted as he had initiated the idea of the visit. The boys were told many interesting and informative stories – from the holding of a hostage during the Queen’s Speech to the unveiling of the statue of Baroness Thatcher by herself. There was so much to take in but the boys all thoroughly enjoyed the visit and each one took away something they could relate to from their history lessons.

Haberdashers’ Hall

Haberdashers HallAs part of the Prep III trip to London last week, the boys visited Haberdashers’ Hall. After a warm welcome and a delicious lunch, the boys were given a short presentation about the history of the Haberdashers and the different Haberdashers Halls. They were then challenged to complete a fact finding mission, looking for clues about the history of the Haberdashers and looking in detail at the impressive artworks and the Royal Charters. They really enjoyed exploring all of the different rooms and were particularly pleased to see the artworks of two of their peers, Harry Dixon and Sam Morland, hanging amongst other impressive works of art.